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Kiev Connections clients welcome to our delivery web site. After making your flower or gift delivery purchase please e-mail us the ladies name, profile number and the message you would like. You can e-mail us at   flowergiftdelivery.com  or kievconnections.com

Please note: because of IMBRA we will not be able to exchange your contact information.

If you are looking to have flowers or gifts delivered in Kiev we will be happy to help and it could not be simpler. To order please click on the link for flower or gift delivery. Click on the "buy" button under the item you would like to have delivered. After completing the purchase simply e-mail is the ladies name, telephone number, and the message you would like with the delivery.

e-mail delivery@flowergiftdeliverykiev.com

Please allow 2 days for the delivery but in most cases we can make the delivery the same day of the order is placed before our office opens.



   I am frequently asked what is the best gift for a lady?
The answer is obvious, a teddy bear and a huge teddy bear
would even be better!

     Flowers are a great gift but they soon die and are forgotten about. But, stuffed animals last forever and your lady will remember the gift for as long as she has the bear. My wife, like most ladies, has a collection of stuffed animals and there is a story and memory attached to everyone I have given her!





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